Pandan Action Kit

Pandan Action Kit


Pandan Action Kit is all about being you and doing what you want to do.

Each action kit comes with:

  • 3 awesome designed post cards with a BE-YOU-tiful message (All pun intended).
  • Double set, yes that means TWO (2) of Pandan stickers (each set of stickers comes with 4 different stickers).
  • Exclusive Pin ready to be stuck and by your side for years!
  • Special promo for future purchases!

Become my pen pal, or send these cards to other people that could use an uplift.  Spread the message around and display your loyalty to the Pandan Brigade.  (Warning, don't stick them on animals, but please stick them in bathrooms, subways, street signs and more!)

Everyday, aim to be-you-tiful!

A message that should resonate your day to day.  Don't let people change who you are.  Change must occur with your permission.  Never feel awkward because you do/like something that the majority doesn't.

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