Introducing the Pandan Brigade

The Pandan Brigade is a subdivision of Dualistique containing all of you guys and gals that support the brand and movement.  We are an army of crazy people that will stand for our passion.

You are hereby given the role of an ambassador (whether you like it or not :p).

Dualistique is a design brand that inspires emotions and motions.  As ambassadors of the brand, feel free to support the brand in any way possible.  Tell people about the site, wear your shirt everyday (well…maybe not everyday…make sure you wash them!), place a sticker on your computer or dorm door, or simply live your life carrying the values of the brand.  Just get out there, make moves, and perform the best that you can do everyday.

What are the values you may ask?

Dualistique loosely follows the value of dualism, and by “loosely", I really do mean loosely.  Take the core definition of dualism as it is, and then stop there.  Don’t go mixing any religious, philosophical, biochemical, metaphysical, psychocrusher, or whatever to it.  It simply means, “consisting of two principles”.  Designs and messages from the brand can be broken down to two underlying meanings, and in some aspects they can be interpreted in multiple ways.  The way you wear the product or showcase the design is the way you interpret the message.  The message directly reflects your thinking at the moment you wear it.

How do you become part of the Pandan Brigade?

There’s no requirements.  You don’t have to like pandas (but come on, how can you hate them???).  You don’t have to own Dualistique products.  You simply just need to be you...(and maybe a simple Like on the Dualistique FB Page would help *hint*).  We should all be supportive of each other in this brigade but also spread that feeling towards others in the world.

Motivational Speech time?

It’s okay to be sad and it’s okay to be confused with life.  You will experience happiness and find purpose as you continue on the journey of life.  Keep it real, keep it humble.

Feel free to flex your support with these hashtags.  I’ll definitely check them out and maybe feature them on the site or newsletters!  (P.S. - You don’t have to use all of them together, but the more the merrier)

#pandanbrigade #pandannation #dualistique

Dualistique - Bold brand for the silent.