S/S 2015 - New Beginnings

One of the hardest things about having an idea is seeing it to fruition.  To take an idea from your head and to finally see a product at the end is one of finest moments that I felt.

But to continue that feeling is almost similar to a druggie trying to find that next high.  And luckily, I found that next high…and no, I didn’t take drugs, but I found something else.  The next step was getting these shirts to do what they do best—being worn.

I apparently have one of the coolest co-workers in the world (Rachel) who does photography on the side, and she offered to help me out (after some sessions of bribing).  She picked out the location, picked out the lovely models (Ashley and Liz), and everyone did their magic to pull things together.

I will be working with her in the future for my future shoots and other adventures.  Make sure you check her site out and follow us around.

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