Dualistique Launches

I finally did it.  After months and months of hard work, I finally launched something that I’m actually pretty proud of.  (whether it’s successful or not, is a whole different story, but that’s the least of my worries)

As many of you guys know or don’t know, along with my full time job, I’ve been running secret operations behind the scenes to challenge myself and friends with the task of starting a company (Nvoked) from scratch.  It ain’t easy, that’s all I can say.  But even alongside of Nvoked, I wanted to do something more.  Something more personal and something that hits my roots and personal ideals.  If you don’t know what Dualistique is about, check out the about page.

From that moment, I decided to expand my Dualistique brand to not only be a playground for my portfolio works and rants, but also extend it to be a selective boutique that shares my interests, ideals, and lifestyle to others.  Either my products are crafted together by myself, or they are selectively chosen and branded from quality vendors.  The rule of thumb that I follow is that I wouldn’t release something I wouldn’t wear myself (….hmm…..unless it was a female specific garment)

And so I encourage everyone to check out the site.  I will be blogging about my journey and give the BTS of my products.  I appreciate everyone that supports me from the past, present, and future.