F/W 2015 Collection - Me et al

We are often judged by our histories, values, and beliefs and more often than not, we have tendencies to hide them from the public to avoid confrontations, drama, and the fear of "not fitting in".

Me et al (Me and others) is a collection designed to express the hidden values we portray in our daily lives.  Show the world yourself and the others that make up you.

Released for Fall/Winter 2015.


The struggle was real with this one.  I initially wanted to have this out earlier in the fall, but a few things got in the way that delayed the process.  Part procrastination, part life.  We all know how that goes.  I learned a lot from this collection from learning how to design to figuring out the production process of these shirts and other items.

As a creator, I always feel the need to have my hands in everything.  Knowing where your product comes from, how it's made, and how the design is printed on the shirt is very important to me because it adds a more personal touch to my brand.  Even the most simplest things like shipping is put through a complicated process to ensure a piece of me is embedded into the product.

Special thanks to Rachel and her crew of awesome dancers: Angel, Kiersten, and Jose for putting this collection to life.  It's inspiring to see their openness and dedication to support others even though we may not know each other that well.  It's great to collaborate and I'm looking forward supporting their future ventures as well.  Check them out:

Rachel Hawkinson Photography
Angel - Halo Movement
Jose - Don't Think, Just Feel