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About Dualistique

Because all designs of Dualistique are broken down to their most minimal form, there lies two core interpretations.  These messages may vary from person to person.  The messages inspired by the designs are a reflection of the person’s character at that time of use making the design not only ambiguous but also timeless.

Another concept that Dualistique values is being able to make a bold statement with a minimal design.  Less is more.  Expressing ourselves in the most simplistic form has become a challenge in today’s world.  People want to know everything about us but we are limited by our language and our time.  As a result, the designs created at Dualistique have all been stripped of their excess weight and left with the least amount of aesthetics to carry on the message.

Dualistique is a design brand created to exemplify the characteristics of dualism in its most simplistic view.  Dualism is the theory or systematic thought that regards a certain domain having two parts.  In essence, many designs and expressions can be broken down to its final purpose along with its counterpart.

The aim of Dualistique is to break down people’s mindset about their environment and the world.  For all the hardships, struggles, and bad turn of events in life, there will be an equal amount of successes, finish lines, and uplifting moments.  Often people are centered upon embracing the good things and do their best to avoid the bad vibes.  However, it’s been said by many “successful” people that they have gone through many struggles to achieve their current state.

Contrast is needed to create a distinguishable reality, without which we would experience nothingness.
— Dualism

Giving back

On the flip side of my brand, I find much happiness and satisfaction from helping others reach their own goals.  Most of my designs will contain hidden messages throughout to help others gain the confidence and encouragement needed to keep striving even in the toughest times.

In a dualistic world, successful times will have rough times.  Humans are naturally built for success.  Tears are meant to be shed.  Limits are meant to be pushed.  Records are designed to be broken.  Experiencing the rough times eventually guides you along a journey that will lead you to the light.

In addition to the positive outlook of this brand, I have decided to give back to the world by donating portions of sales to those that need it more.  I want to be able to use my talents as a designer to help the world which is why I also began a campaign where I freelance for charity donations as well.  Currently I support three charities as they appealed to me as being the most beneficial and forward-thinking - Charity: Water, Give Directly, and Doctors without Borders.  More information about how exactly I distribute to these charities can be found on the "Giving Back" page.  Together, we can reveal the hidden positive energy that lies within and spread it to world outside.

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Keeping it personal

It’s no fun keeping things with myself.  I want to be able to connect with people that follow the Dualistique brand and be able to establish a loose communication between myself, my brand, customers, viewers, and all of you!  All of my social media accounts for Dualistique are my personal accounts and they contain most of the details behind my life, my work, and all the BTS of Dualistique.  Check up on me and my adventures through instagram, twitter, or facebook.  I love meeting new people and listening to your stories.  Don't be afraid to follow and connect.