Just another update - Seeing the light

Just another life update, Seeing the light~

Hmm….so it’s been since February that I last updated about my current life situation, and so forth.  As much as I want to say, “Nothing really happened”, that would be quite the lie.  A lot has happened from February and

now (June 2013).  Where to begin?


Drastically, my hectic job in February turned into an even more hectic job.  I find myself working overtime more, working on weekends, and working through holidays.  However, even with the hard work hours, I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.  As designers, it’s sometimes hard to feed our appetite when it comes to designing a product.  We crave attention, and want our work to be published.  We want to be able to tell people, family, and friends that we designed something, but in the end, NDAs has kept us shut for the time being.

The company has definitely gone through many transitions, and I’m happy to know the company values my talent and skills.  If things go right, I will be proud of what I’ve done here.  The only thing I can do now is to continue to work hard and bite my cheek when things get shaky.

I hope one day, I can tell you guys what I’ve been doing for the past year.  I know my portfolio is lacking updates, but hopefully that will change when I try to take on some design projects :3.


My passion has always been there, but now it’s firing up more than ever.  My goal of building a start-up is being realized, and having friends around you to support and also share the pain and sweat in working with the company is great to have.  I’ve been back and forth with how Nvoked was going to operate, but now I finally understood what I want to do with it.  In the future, I’ll be launching some more information about Nvoked, and I hope everyone will help support me as well as all the employers, and hard workers of Nvoked.

My design spirit is still alive.  I enjoy working with Photoshop still and creating artwork, but I also enjoy designing interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) for websites, products, and even mobile apps.  Although, at the moment, I feel like I’m lacking personality and style in my art.  I hope one day I can find one again.


Eh….I’m in a strut.  Having to owe the IRS, Loans, and all these other expenses is starting to really kill me.  Every time I feel like I have a break, something gets in the way, and I lose control of my money situation.  All I can do is prepare for the worst, and continue my savings.  Although, I’m being pressured to buy a house, and save up for this and that, I’m doing my best to survive.

Cutting fast food and other misc. stuff from my expenses is helping a lot :)


I lost a few pounds?  lol.  Nah, but I’ve been getting into the habit of exercising to keep in shape.  I run, lift weights, play DDR/PIU, and eat healthier (kind of).  I feel better about myself, and starting to lose my gut a bit :D


No comment :3.  But let’s say, there is someone out there and I’m glad our paths have crossed.

Personal Improvement

As a person, I believe I improved.  I’m starting to be more productive in working, and doing more in a day, then I would expect things to be done.  At day, I work for my job and at night, I work for my own company.  Whatever free time I can spare, I enjoy spending it learning more about what’s out there, learning more about design, and volunteering my time for kpop fan sites and forums.

I’ve also become a bit more confident in myself.  I used to hide behind the screen, or lay low.  But now, I’m a bit more active, I take selcas :p, and just act like myself.  There’s nothing to hide.  If I’m a dork, then I’m a dork.  People will like it, or people will hate it.  It’s just how life is~  For my future self, I’m looking forward to making more connections with people in the industry and network with more designers and artists.  I feel like I’m missing out on a whole different perspective.

I’ve made some new friends, and reestablishing past friendships.  As a whole, they make life bearable.  Even when life seems down, when seeing one of them happy, it instills this jolt of energy to you to be happy as well.

What’s next?

So what’s next for Dan?  Where will the last 6 months take him in this journey?  I wish I knew, but at least I’m starting to see some positives in my life.  My mom always told me how our odd years are unlucky, and how our even years were lucky.  Looking in the past, it made sense, but in reality, we put ourselves in the situation we are in.  Think positive, and things will go positive.

There’s a lot I want to get done still before the year is over.  *pulls up big to-do list*  T.T.  Time to start it, rather than sit around and do nothing, but I hope I find some time to sit around and do nothing so I can find time to blog lol x-x.

Be on the lookout for some upcoming projects and thanks for following and supporting me :).

To infinity and beyond~


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  1. Kinexy

    Here a fan of your work, I’ve seen a few months ago. I’m a developer and working daily with designers and many have the passion that you describe. I have a similar passion, but with programming. I’m glad that things are better and I hope that everything will better with your goals :)

    • Dan

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve delved into the programming world as well (probably not as advanced as you are), and it was a struggle lol. I opted to follow what made my heart excited, and so I’m in design. Thanks for the encouragement and I hope things are well with you as well :)


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