Dualistique: The New Me

Why Dualistique?

Derived originally from (randomly saying words to a friend online until she liked one) the words dualistic and

dualism, the new name fits naturally to my philosophy of design as well my personality.


“The view that the world consists of or is explicable as two fundamental entities, such as mind and matter.”


As a person, I feel like I have two sides, my work and designer life and then there’s the other life consisting of kpop, traveling, and socializing (or at least I try to). Sometimes I live both lives independently of each other, and other times they get mixed up together as you may have noticed in my portfolio. However, I don’t claim to have 2 personalities. I’m the same lame person throughout making stupid mistakes left and right, but also the same hardworking person that strives to do my best on a project.

With design in mind, it works similar to my personality. There’s ultimately two components of any design, especially for websites: Content and Design. Some may say they are same, some may say otherwise. I’m an advocate in content being the main contributor in directing the design of the project. The audience is searching and visiting sites for information, and if your information isn’t great, then regardless of a good design or not, you’re not achieving your goal.

“With great content comes great design.”

Why the name change from creativele/creative-le?

Although I haven’t fully converted from my old creativele/creative-le identity (Stupid apps and accounts that won’t let you change username easily), it was time for me to just move on and time to change my direction of my career. There were a lot of connections and memories connected and tied down with my prior persona, and so naturally I just want to put it in a box and let go.

I still own the domains of http://creative-le.com and http://creative-le.me, but they will simply redirect to http://dualistique.com.

My accounts, where you can find me, and follow me.

All my updated links and accounts can be found above in the navigation. Everything else is private unless you ask :)

Hopefully the change will help me in my new career and route.  Continue following and supporting my work, and I’ll do my best to deliver.  (Will try to blog more, and talk about my experiences and life)

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