Leadership and Self-Deception

Book Read: #1: Leadership and

Book Read is a new series of blog posts where I give a review of books I’ve read (or audio books I’ve listened to) and also give a little highlight of what I’ve learned, or what I took away from the book.  These books can range from being a good recommendation from me, or a book to stay away from :3.  (Yes, I can read books D:)

Leadership and Self-Deception

I was given a task (recommendation from the company) to read this book in order to get insight into some of the operations of the company as well as the people leading it.  I started reading the book, and then opted to listen to the audiobook since the story was getting interesting, and I didn’t really have the time to actually sit down to read.

The book goes through a story of a worker who worked as hard as he can to get to the high position he currently possesses.  However, he gets called for a meeting and was instantly told that he had a problem.  The problem he has is called, “Self-Deception”.

Self-Deception is described as a “disease” that makes us blind to see that we are the problem.  Sometimes the solutions that “we” feel is “right” actually makes the problem worst.  Self-Deception traps you in the “box”.  This box creates an illusion where you start to see people as objects instead of actual people.  When people are seen as objects, your perspective of them becomes much different.  You make up thoughts in your head that makes you feel like you are the victim and that you are right.

As you can see, this is a very dangerous position to be in and can cause a lot of people problems between any relationships whether it be between co-workers, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, or even in marriage.  The book explains more in detail about self-deception, the box, how you get in the box in the first place, and how to get out.  I won’t spoil it because in my opinion, it was a pretty good eye-opener for me.  It made me reflect on some of the past decisions I’ve made, and made me understand why certain things happened.

Overall Lesson

The overall lesson I’ve taken from the book is learn to not to betray yourself.  If there’s a choice that you feel like you have to do, whether it be taking out the trash without being told to, or giving your girlfriend a call to see how she is doing, you should follow through with it.  Don’t intentionally do something in order to expect something from it, or don’t think that “the other person” will do it.  In most cases, it doesn’t happen, but the more you’re out of the box, the more people will start to see how much you care about him, her, the team, work, etc…

Once you betray your initial feelings, then more than likely you might get stuffed in the box.  The book mentions that you can never be perfect, but you can always be better.  For myself, I’ll always try to be better, and will try make better decisions and actions.

Give it a read :)

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